• Your Daughter Could Win An American Girl Doll!

    My love for American Girl began not in childhood (they weren't around then), but instead 8 years ago. The Junior League asked me to emcee an American Girl Fashion Show. Having a son and an infant daughter, I had no idea what it was all about, but they convinced me it was very cool so I said "yes". From that fashion show forward, I was hooked. I loved the historical dolls, the Just Like Me dolls and the wonderful message it sent young girls: You can be whatever you want to be. I immediately got my daughter her first Bitty Baby and in the years since, we've gotten several others and read the books often. I've also continued emceeing the fashion show.

    I've also been impressed with the company as a whole. When Santa delivered my daughter's Just Like Me doll one Christmas,  her nose, cheeks and fingers were way too pink. So, my daughter and I called Santa's elf at the North Pole in charge of the American Girl dolls. She said it was frostbite from Santa's sleigh and that we could send it back. Not only would Santa replace the doll, but the slightly damaged doll would be fixed and sent to a little girl who wanted an AG doll but couldn't afford it and didn't get one for Christmas. (That story still makes me smile!)

    So when American Girl called and asked me to be an official Parent Partner for their Shine On Now Initiative, I couldn't say "yes" fast enough! I love the concept: inspire our daughters to make a difference while American Girl gives money to charity. What more could you ask for?! So what does all this mean to you? A lot.

    Just go to the interactive Shine On Now site with your daughter. For ever charitable act she does, she gets a FREE star. For every star contributed to the effort, American Girl will match it with a $1 donation. The goal is to collect a million stars by July 31st, 2010. That million dollar donation with pay for books, clothes, dolls and money for four charities: Kids in Distressed Situations, Save The Children USA, National Association of Children's Hospitals and National Wildlife Federation. Plus, every time your daughter contributes a star (she can donate up to 100 each day),  her name will automatically be entered in a daily drawing to win a new My American Girl doll.

    But wait... that's not all!! As a Parent Partner, I will also give away a My American Girl doll!

    Along with American Girl, I want to honor the girls who make a difference in their families, schools and communities.  So, up until July 31, you can nominate a deserving girl to win her very own My American Girl doll which she will have the opportunity to fully customize!  To enter this giveaway, tell me about a deserving girl, the wonderful things she does for her family, friends or community and why she is deserving of her very own American Girl doll. Please do not disclose the child's name but do describe her life, her activities and the grand things she does for others! You can just put that information in the comments section of this blog.

    Other ways to be in the running for my giveaway:

    • Follow CindyWMorrison and AGShineOnNow on Twitter and Tweet this giveaway up to 3 times per day, please leave your twitter link each time, tweet a form of this message:  Win an AmericanGirl Doll and learn about #ShineOnNow @CindyWMorrison http://bit.ly/AGgiveaway
    • Blog about this giveaway, including links to this post and the sponsor as well as a complete description of the campaign/contest and prize. Make sure to come back here and let me know where I can find your blog.

    Got it?

    Let's encourage our daughters to MAKE A DIFFERENCE ... in the meantime, she might just get a special surprise for giving back! Tell all your Girlfriends!!

    71 Responses to Your Daughter Could Win An American Girl Doll!

    1. My 8 year old daughter is a very deserving girl. Her brother is 3 years older and has multiple disabilities, so doesn’t get as much attention as she’d like and deserves, yet she is the most loving, protective, helpful sister anyone could imagine. For example, last summer I put both kids in a summer day camp for 3 weeks – I’d heard from multiple people about the wonderful camp, and it was run by and at a school with a stellar 100-year old reputation. The first day my son set foot there, they decided he wasn’t cut out for it, and informed me he wasn’t allowed to continue. They never even gave him a chance – and he certainly was capable of participating to a great extent.

      This summer our friends are returning their for camp – and my daughter asked why she can’t return. I explained to her what they’d done, and that I was mad at them, so I couldn’t in good conscious pay money to them or let her go there. At first she was angry – she suggested I sue them. I told her they were just being mean – and that wasn’t illegal, just immoral.

      So she decided she wants to create and run a summer camp for special needs kids and their siblings. She’ll take them on outings to the park, learn about nature, and make their own newspaper about the things they like, learn and do. She said the parents can meet inside and talk while the kids are out playing. And she even offered to babysit any children too young to attend the camp.

      She is a truly giving spirit in all senses of the word. She wants all children to be treated fairly, regardless of their challenges, and she doesn’t even want to be separated from her brother and have him go to a ‘special’ camp – she wants him and other children with special needs – to have all the opportunities to play and learn as she does!

    2. Heather says:

      Our daughter was diagnosed with autism shortly after her second birthday. She is now six year old and after three years of in home behavioral therapy, was able to start in a mainstream kindergarten last fall. Her social skills have so improved during this last year. She has made amazing progress with the help of her wonderful therapists, tutors and teachers.

      Our girl is in gymnastics, taking swimming lessons (with great success), and has just started playing soccer on a team. She has a tender heart and is always helping out if anyone is in distress. Pats on the back and “It’ll be okay…” Also, she is quite a help around the house. She likes to help set the table and is very good about putting play things away when she is through with them.

      When we get together with other families with kids, “C” is always the leader. She currently loves playing “Pre-school” with these kids..and, of course, she is “Miss. C”, the teacher. It is a hoot to see her read to them and then turn the book to show them the pictures. Her younger brother especially likes to play this game. Who knew that learning to read would be so much fun.

      This will be our families third year to do the Walk Now for Autism here in our city. Our girl invites all her family and friends to join her team and do the walk. Last year, she invited her lives.whole kindergarten class. We make this a family/friends walk and over 75 people were on her team, doing the walk. It is a love fest as we are determined to have each and every one of our children lead full, productive lives. She is proof, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    3. My daughter is 12 and is still in LOVE with AG dolls. She is especially excited about the new Interactive Shine On dolls. She sits for long periods of time just perusing the new catalog.

      My daughter “C” has had her struggles over the years. You see, she has always been a little “quirky” due to Asperger’s Syndrome. These dolls have provided her a “friend” at times when there were no “real” friends.

      My daughter is extremely giving, especially to the elderly. She has never been one to feel shy or uncertain around the elderly. Her grandmother takes her to local nursing homes where “C” gives residents pictures she has drawn.

      She’s a very loving and giving child and it’s because of that, I’d love to see her win this American Girl doll.

    4. http://twitter.com/DawnsDiversions/status/19531735105

      I was already following you on Twitter and I’m now following AGShineOnNOw.

    5. Jessica says:

      I would like to nominate my 8 year old daughter. She is a beautiful, amazing girl who will help anyone who is in need of help. My husband and I are both active duty military members and we have to go away for deployments, training, etc quite often. So when other kids’ parents are deployed, etc, she knows what they are feeling, etc and will be there to listen to their worries/concerns or just there to give them a hug. She is also very into recycling and will pick up trash whenever she sees it on the ground. She also does very well in school and will help her little sister out whenever she needs it. She’s also involved with numerous projects such as Backpacks for Love and Toys for Tots.

    6. Mami2jcn says:

      I’d nominate my neighbor (9 years old) who is involved in swimming & gymnastics. She helps others by babysitting & just being sweet to the other children in the neighborhood.

    7. Mami2jcn says:

      my 1st tweet didn’t show up here. Let me try again.


    8. Jeane says:

      I’d like to nominate my grand-daughter who will a first grader this next fall. She is the sweetest gal who loves to come over to our house and have our special “Mondays”. We go to the park, then to the library with the blue roof, lunchtime, and then something special for the day. Today, it is swimming with the girls across the street, as they are here visiting from Nashville. Our girl makes friends easily and likes to make people “welcome.”

      This summer she has make outstanding gains in her reading with all these trips to the library. She will certainly be ready for first grade, come the fall!

    9. Jeane says:

      I Follow CindyWMorrison and AGShineOnNow on Twitter


      jcamp2020 at aol dot com

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    11. Kimberly says:

      Being the mother of two boys, I get my “girl fix” with my brother’s young daughter. She is a hoot. Loves pink and everything girly. Loves to shop. Has my attitude from when I was her age, that, “yes, I am a princess”. And she is the mother to all three boys..her brother and my two. And they love it. You should see her cheer on my son who plays little league. Fun.

      Kind heart and loves both sets of grandparents with such devotion.

      In school, she tries really hard and does a great job. What more do I need say, just a good, sweet little girl.

    12. Shannon says:

      My 11 year old daughter LOVES these dolls.The other day I told her _________, in 1 or 2 years, you’ll grow out of them. She said, No Mom, I love American Girl dolls. She really deserves one because she tries so hard in everything she does. She does countless sports and activites. Sometimes she just likes to take some time to play with dolls. I wish I could show her that sometimes, she deserves everything she wants, but I don’t have enough money. It breaks my heart that I can’t give her everything she wants. She would be truly greatful for an American Girl doll.

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    18. Amanda says:

      I want to nominate my daughter. She is three, and almost four, and just getting into playing with the ‘big girl’ dolls like American Girl! I used to love to play with my American Girl dolls as a child, and I’m looking forward to playing with them together! She is beautiful inside and out :) Thanks for the great giveaway! Amanda
      amanda31gifts (at) gmail (dot) com

    19. Jeane says:

      Good Morning to you! It’s Friday…yeah!


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    20. Jeane says:

      Have a great weekend..


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    21. Daisy says:

      I would like to enter for my little niece who has been through a lot in her short life and still stands strong, willing to help out anyone in need by donating toys and clothes to local charities and participating in fundraisers all year round. She also loves doing volunteer work at local animal shelters and she’s really big on going green and helping out the environment as well. Her big brothers’ death and her parents’ divorce has left her scarred, emotionally, but she refuses to let it bring her down into a pit of depression and marches forward like the little trooper she is. Her brother died in a terrible car crash a couple of years ago and her parents’ decided to divorce shortly after. She might be young, but she is a very strong little girl with one of the biggest hearts I know, always willing to help out her community and environment in any way she can. She’s always dreamed of having her very own American Girl doll to hold and love, but because of the fact that their such expensive dolls, no one has been able to buy one for her. Her love for the dolls began after she started reading the American Girl doll books, which helped her cope through the hard times she was facing by allowing her to escape the “real world” for a while. It would be a blessing if I could win this for her and surprise her with one, I just know her little heart would fill with happiness if I did.

      Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and God bless! :)

    22. Heather H says:

      My 11 year old daughter is a true American Girl. Her inner spirit shines brightly every day. She was once described by her youth group leader as a young lady with quiet strength and that is an accurate way to portray her sweet yet strong demeanor.

      She doesn’t like attention yet she lives to serve others. She does it because it’s the right thing to do and not because of the recognition she can receive.

      She is creative yet reserved. She is strong in her beliefs yet is accepting of all. The only thing my daughter ever labels are her school supplies. She is a friend to all and is an anti-bullying advocate at her school. She knows that it’s the hurting people that hurt others and that one way to bring an end to bullying is to seek help for the bully. She has actually gone to teachers (in private) and voiced her concern over a student she has seen bullying another student. The teacher then is able to watch for the bullying and then speak with the bully and work with the guidance counselor. Many of these kids who are bullying others are living in a very difficult family situation and need someone to talk to about what they are experiencing at home. I’m proud of my daughter for being strong in her convictions and feeling confident enough to address these issues with teachers.

      My daughter knows first hand that family dynamics can change overnight and that those changes can be overwhelming for a child. When she was only five years old, her father and I divorced. While her dad and I always put our kids first, she and her two brothers and sister still felt and still feel the impact today of not having their parents together. When we first divorced, it was a very difficult time for our family and she began drawing and I encouraged her to express her feelings through art. I discovered that she had a true artistic talent and found ways to get her lessons. Today, she is an outstanding artist who enters and wins many contests. She also enjoys drawing pictures and giving them to others just to cheer them up. Her doodles on my grocery list each week always make me smile. In fact, she leaves a smile with someone everywhere she goes.

      When she was nine, I remarried a man with two daughters. Together we have six children. Living in a stepfamily isn’t easy. A stepfamily begins with love and joy for the two adults who have found a second chance at love but it begins out of loss for the children. Whether by death or divorce, children do not have their parents together and it hurts. While stepfamilies are very prevalent in our society, there is not a lot of resources out there to support the children who have to navigate the muddy waters of stepfamily life.

      While it is not my daughter’s ideal family, she has embraced her sisters and has found ways to deal w/ her emotions. She draws, she journals, she talks to me and continues to express herself creatively. I am proud of her for finding healthy ways to deal with an often stressful situation and one that many children find themselves in. I believe she is a great role model for other children adjusting to stepfamily living. She plans to one day create a program for kids in stepfamilies to help them cope and to share her experience. Even at a young age, she knows there is strength in community and if kids who are in stepfamilies can bond with other kids in stepfamilies, learn they are not alone and share stories and tips that everyone will be stronger for it.

      I also love the small things she does to help her community. She will bag groceries for the elderly at the grocery store, put their carts away for them, cat sit for the neighbor when they go on vacation, and she sews doll clothes for children in Africia. We sponsor a young girl in Albania and she writes to her monthly and they share their lives with each other.

      And she has a wonderful rainbow of friends. Once an adult commented that “it’s so nice that you have friends that are disabled.” And my daughter replied, “I just have friends. They are all the same to me.” I’ve had mothers call and thank me for my daughter and for her kindness towards their daughters. It is unfortunate that many kids avoid other kids with visible and invisible disabilities. I am proud that she sees a person for their heart.

      I believe she is deserving of winning an American Girl Shine On Doll because of her strength of character, commitment to making her school bully free, her healthy outlook on her family life, her dreams of helping others and for her positive outlook on life. She shines brightly everywhere she goes. And she is a true inspiration to me. I am so proud to be her mom.

      When I grow up, I want to me just like my daughter – a true American Girl!

    23. jamie says:

      The girl I would like to nominate has a huge heart of gold. She enjoys helping and playing with the younger kids at the child care center. She would drop anything to help someone. Through her Girl Scouts group and her 4-H group she has had the chance to reach out to others in our community and learn how amazing it is to help others. Her interests include music, horses, books, and making movies. She is a beautiful person and I am very proud to call her my daughter.


    24. Jeane says:

      It’s Saturday..have a great weekend.
      And thanks for hosting this promotion and giveaway.


      jcamp2020 at aol dot com

    25. Jeane says:

      Hoping you have a glorious weekend.


      jcamp2020 at aol dot com

    26. Tamra says:

      I would like to nominate my daughter. She is a kind girl with a big heart. Last year she helped put together hygiene kits for Haiti and also made cloth dolls for an orphanage in Africa. She loves helping out and getting involved.

    27. Melanie says:

      I would like to nominate a little girl on my son’s preschool class. My son was very shy and nervous to start school. But, with the help and friendship of this sweet little girl he grew a lot throughout the year. He is now much more outgoing and an amazing big brother. I know some of his progress is because of this sweet girl who was so kind and sweet to him. I know she deserves and would love an American Girl doll.

    28. Jeane says:

      tweeting until the end..#3


      jcamp2020 at aol dot com

    29. Shannon says:

      Win an AmericanGirl Doll and learn about #ShineOnNow @CindyWMorrison http://bit.ly/AGgiveaway

    30. Shana says:

      I would like to share some of the special things my daughter does for others. She has a kind personality and a wonderful heart. She is currently on the Safety Patrol at her school. She helps the kindergarten students get to their busses safely. She is always willing to help others and befriend others that are shy. She is outgoing, resourceful and always thinking of someone’s feelings. I am so proud to be her mom. She received an award this past year for having the best character and kind heart in her class. I’m so proud of her.

    31. I nominate my dauter beacause her friend with blonde hair looked like the doll in the magizine, and they were best friends forever. But a sad thing is her friend died and would love to win one thats like her friend to rember her best friend Violet.

    32. Tori says:

      My daughter is a wonderful person. She is a very busy girl with her many sports and activities, but she still volunteers and donates to charities. She has many close friends. Her and her friends are going through a lot of drama right now and she is always there to make them smile. Changing the world starts with one smile. That smile starts at home.

    33. rabecca says:

      i want to win a american doll so badly

    34. rabecca says:

      i want a american doll please i w ant one for free

    35. rabecca says:

      my daughter derservs a american doll because shes a big help so this is her award

    36. Kayla says:

      I would love to get one for my daughter because she is going through a hard time with cancer and i want something to make her life a little bit brighter. It would make a big difference if she would have one.

    37. Jzsanettae says:

      My nomination is a spunky redhead. She is 9 years old & has a heart of gold. She is a rising 4th grader who is a huge help in her classroom. She has earned a citizenship award every year. She volunteers in her school garden & assisted the librarian & her classmates with hosting a garden party for teachers & staff. At home she is a tremendous help to her parents. She is the oldest of 4 kids & enjoys helping her siblings. She does what her parents ask her. She shares bedtime stories with her brothers & sisters voluntarily as well as other things she is not even asked to do. She is an avid dancer. She enjoys choreographing dances for her family to share at gatherings that include her siblings & cousins. She creates dances for her friends and herself as well. Although she has a great deal of confidence on the dance floor she still thinks she could be better. I would love for this precious redhead to have an American Girl that looked exactly like her. It is not easy to find dolls with red hair & blue eyes. I know she would be more than thrilled! Please allow her to be the winner of this contest because she has been so loving & giving to her family, school, & friends. Thank you for your consideration.

    38. carrissa says:

      My daughter is 10 years old and really dose not like folks listed she likes to do activeds and dose not even touch the tv but when she saw the American girl dolls she freaked out instely feel in love with the dolls she but we couldn’t avoid it and that’s why i want to win this doll so bad it brakes my heart to see her cry her self to sleep.

    39. carrissa says:

      I meant to put she dose not like dolls not folks

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